Almeda’s 24-Hour Guide to Nourishing your Metabolism

What if, in 24 hours, you could transform your relationship with mind, body, and spirit... through food? That was our quest as we set out to design the Almeda 24 Hour Guide to nourishing your metabolism. 

This cleanse will help you: 

  • Add in adaptogens, antioxidants, fiber, minerals, phytonutrients, vitamins, plant-based goodness and healthy fats.
  • Cut out any foods that might provoke sensitivities. 
  • Minimize chronic inflammation. 
  • Tap your own intuition to make transformation happen in your life and the lives of  those around you.

Why do a detox, cleanse, or special dietary protocol?  

Well, what you eat could be a very personal, informed choice or it can be something you’ve been doing without much thought. Even the most intentional among us can get a little lax about these choices over time. 

Restaurant take out, Netflix nosh, and even meals with our loved ones can slowly influence how we’re eating over time. (Superbowl snacks ring a bell, anyone?) Increasing amounts of sugar, caffeine, and alcohol may creep in without us fully recognizing what is happening. 

Get support for your most embodied life 

As part of the Almeda lifestyle, we’re always looking to provide guidance for living your best and most embodied life. So we can think of many reasons why you might want to detoxify your system -- environmental toxins, work and life stress, and lack of sleep / recovery time among them. 

Your body is always detoxifying, but aiding it with a structured program can help bring transformation in the way we think and feel about our lives. Your cells are programmed to eliminate waste, but you can help them do this more efficiently by alternately eating well and giving them a break.  

Ultimately, though, the reasons you do a detox will be up to you. Start by identifying why you’re wanting to do this detox, and why now

Begin by setting your intentions for the day.

Set aside a little time to think about the reason you are doing the cleanse. 

Do a 5 minute meditation before you start.

Select a journal or notebook and write down all your reasons for doing the cleanse. Don’t hold back. Write anything that comes to mind. Then select some of the most important reasons to you. 

Many people will answer “I’ve gained holiday weight.” or “The COVID 19 (lbs).” However, we’ve been conditioned to follow diets and “get thin” most of our lives. There’s a deeper emotional level to address as well. You can use this day as a tool for introspection. 

The goal of this detox is to take time to slow down, become introspective, and listen. Remember that we're hoping to change the world from within. By turning inward, we can really see the change begin within you. There has to be that evolution inside. Then you can give more to your family, friends, and community. 


Follow the Almeda 24 Hour Guide

Wake Up with Encarna & Thrine

Breakfast: Green Detox Smoothie


Snack: Raspberry Cacao Protein Balls


Lunch: Shaved Asparagus Salad with Golden Turmeric Dressing


Dinner: Ayurvedic Kitchari Bowl


Make space for further reflection at the end of  the day. 

At the end of the day, ask yourself: Where did you see a shift? Was it in ways that you wanted? Or maybe some ways that you weren’t expecting? 

This is a practice just for you, so you can be really candid. Getting real about what’s going on can be incredibly helpful. Doing this with friends and sharing your stories can be even more empowering.  

Remember, what you notice doesn’t have to be positive. Perhaps your kids wanted to eat something else and you couldn’t eat in peace. Or maybe your spouse was eating something else and the cravings came in. Or at your workplace someone brought in tempting treats that threw you off. Whatever happened, just make note of it without being hard on yourself. 

Remember that turning inward is not just mental, but physical. The correct nutrients will aid and support your body as you are navigating strong emotions, disruptive thoughts or fear. Well-designed food-based supplements like Encarna and Kasvi can be a huge part of this process.