Our story begins with our grandma Almeda, a mother of three in rural Missouri, with a cheeky wit and a resilient spirit who believed in caring for her loved ones by eating the “right foods”. When impacted by food industrialization, Almeda applied her signature red lipstick and set out to find a sustainable solution for her family. She planted gardens in her backyard and grew organic produce to change the way they ate. It was a simple yet significant solution.

Now, after 5 generations of dynamic women who’ve lived the Almeda lifestyle, nourishing their loved ones with a nutrient-rich diet, Almeda’s descendants, Stacy and Kylie, are taking a pioneering approach to holistic health. The Almeda approach fuses modern-day science with a timeless understanding of what our bodies need to feel vibrant. Today, Almeda offers a complete range of nourishing products—all harnessing the remarkable benefits and functionality of organic ingredients. 

Our Mission

To inspire our customers to embrace a holistic Almeda lifestyle that naturally heals mind, body and spirit, simply by replenishing your cells. We believe that everyone should have access to a health care supplement regimen that helps them feel good from the inside out. To that end, we strive to make our products affordable and attainable to all, while always keeping of the highest quality and ingredients.