What Almeda recommends for Your Ayurvedic Dosha Type

"The kitchen is the pharmacy and the pharmacy is the kitchen."

--Ayurvedic tenant

Ayurvedic traditions--emphasizing whole foods, herbs, and balance--align well with the Almeda lifestyle. In Ayurvedic medicine, it’s believed that the universal elements of space, air, fire, water, and earth combine in the body as three doshas, or life forces. In Sanskrit, the three energies, called “doshas,” are: 

  • Vata:  Ether and air, oversees movement.
  • Pitta:  Fire and water, oversees digestion and the metabolic system.
  • Kapha:  Earth and water, oversees lubrication and structure.

How to select food, beverages, and supplements for each dosha. 

According to tridoshic theory, good health exists when the three fundamental bodily humors, or doshas, are balanced.

Vatas do well with warm, damp, and soft foods. They should avoid cold, dried, and bitter foods and beverages. 

Pitta should consume foods and beverages that are light, cold, sweet and energizing. Pitta should avoid foods that are heavy, spicy and sour. 

Kapha do well eating spicy, acidic, and filling foods and beverages. They can restore imbalances by avoiding heavy and overly fatty foods. 

Most of us are some mix of the three. The important thing is to practice listening to your intuition and experimenting with what works for you, in terms of how you feel. 

Our recommendations for each dosha

Vata Dosha

Individuals with Vata dosha tend to be described as slim, energetic, creative, moody. They should avoid bitter, dried and cold foods.  Vata is a great match for Kasvi, as it can help to ground them and warm them up. 

Vata? Try this: A warming Kasvi matcha latte, Kasvi Cacao latte, or healthy hot chocolate with Kasvi.

Recommendation: Kasvi + Kasvi Cacao

Pitta Dosha

Individuals with Pitta dosha tend to be muscular, athletic, strong leaders. They’re often highly motivated, goal-oriented, and competitive with aggressive and tenacious natures.

Those with the Pitta dosha should avoid hot weather and spicy food, as pitta is prone to inflammation.  Pitta could benefit from Kasvi, Encarna, and Thrine. 

Thrine is a particularly great match for pitta dosha, as pitta literally means bile in sanskrit. 

Pitta? Try this: A raw fruit smoothie with Kasvi, such as this Green Detox Smoothie. Eliminate the ginger for further cooling effects. 

Recommendation: Encarna + Thrine + Kasvi

Kapha Dosha

Individuals with Kapha dosha are described as strong and thick-boned, and they are known to be caring. This group is prone to weight gain, slow metabolism, and needs to be careful to protect against heart disease.

The Kapha dosha would benefit from Thrine. Also, it may be beneficial for some with a Kapha imbalance to take Isle, as they are the most prone to diabetes and blood sugar issues.

We also recommend Encarna to get Kapha dosha moving more. 

Kapha? Try this: Nourish your metabolism with the 24 Hour Reset. This plan features a lovely Shaved Asparagus Salad plus offers ideas to integrate Encarna, Thrine, and Isle into your day. 

Recommendation:  Thrine + Isle + Encarna


Get to know your dosha

If you don’t yet know your dosha, you can gain insight into your dosha type through online quizzes such as this one: 

Discover Your Dosha - Chopra.com

We recommend seeing an Ayurvedic specialist as well, to gain a deeper understanding of where their imbalances lie within the doshas. And, as always, please consult your health care provider before making any healthcare decisions or for guidance about a specific medical condition.