What to do When Self-Care Harms You

When you want to indulge in a little self care, you need to know it’s meeting your deepest needs as well as giving you immediate rest and relaxation. We wanted to share a little about what we’ve learned (sometimes the hard way). 

Bath and Body

While all those scented bath and body products may seem soooo alluring, we encourage you to do your research before diving in. Many bath and body products can cause negative skin reactions. Irritants such as synthetic colors and fragrances  can cause itching or rashes. Unintentional ingestion of irritants in bathwater can also cause nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. 

As you may know from experience, bath bombs infused with chemicals can upset the natural bacteria balance in your body and give you a yeast infection or urinary tract infection (UTI, also known as a bladder infection). Read the labels. Inquire about any unfamiliar ingredients.

Be sure you know what’s going into your bath bomb. Milder, all-natural bath bombs do exist. 

Beauty Products

Many beauty products contain ingredients to avoid, such as toxic metals, synthetic ingredients, chemicals, plastic microbeads, and fragrances. Instead, look for hypoallergenic labels and all natural, non-allergenic ingredients lists. 

Just as with your food, look for labels with ingredients that you can actually pronounce and understand. 

Balancing “me time” with “we time”

By now, we’ve probably all heard the “oxygen mask” analogy,  and it certainly is important to take care of yourself first. But at some point that self-care should refresh you to take care of others--fulfilling a higher purpose as part of your family, friendships and community involvement. Especially these days, there is a need to balance out “me-time” with the need for connection with others. We are social creatures, after all. 

Treat yourself, for life. 

Of course, treating yourself can be a great thing. But how do you assess whether it’s really a treat or merely an overindulgence?  If it’s alcohol or highly processed foods, a little goes a long way. If it’s something you can’t truly afford, and are using debt to cover, it could create more harm in the long run. 

Almeda promotes deep self-care

You can use Almeda products for healthy self care. Know that we’ve got your back on all-natural, vegan, gluten-free, GMO-free ingredients that are carefully sourced.  

Check out these recipes for an indulgence that pampers your health, too: 

Healthy hot chocolate

Chocolate chip Kasvi protein balls

Kasvi espresso martini 

Encarna grapefruit margarita

We encourage you to share Almeda products as self care for your friends. Making recipes with Kasvi is a great way to give yourself what you need. 

Ultimately, you are your own guide to what is a treat for you, and we believe you deserve all the best things in life.