Follow Your Intuition

Are you tapping into intuition when it comes to your health? 

If you cherish the rhythms of the seasons and the gifts of mother earth, then you may have a sensitive nature and already feel “in tune” with the natural world. Sadly, many facets of the modern world separate us from nature--working through technology, communicating via screens, traveling in cars and living much of our lives indoors in artificially lit and air conditioned spaces. These are amazing inventions that have unfortunately also distanced us from our roots. At the core, every human’s deep-seated call for survival beckons us to live in greater harmony with the earth, to live in vibrant health, and to be part of a broader community that values a holistic lifestyle. 

Whether you feel you have intuitive gifts or you’ve only wondered what it is like to be more intuitive, we invite you to listen even more closely to what your body is telling you.

Feel the call to reconnect with yourself... in mind, body and spirit. 

When it comes to reconnecting, we encourage you to find a way to tune out the modern world long enough to hear your inner voice. It also helps to learn a bit more about your anatomy, your mind, and your personal relationship with what is unseen and largely unknown. It takes time to get comfortable with all of that in this internet-driven world that provides answers to almost every question you could imagine, almost instantaneously. 

How much do you know about your own anatomy? You may not need to be able to know the inner workings of all of the body’s eleven elaborate major systems or to name the more than 600 muscles in the body… but you could probably know more than you do now. Science is always evolving and our understanding of our bodies evolves with it.


According to the University of Minnesota, “Intuition lives in the body and likely has roots in your biology.”  There really is a gut-brain connection that alerts us when things are a bit off. The nervous system communicates a ton of non-verbal information all the time. Check out the latest research on the polyvagal nervous system, and you’ll see just how our body’s biology works to provide deep intuition.   

When you know your own mind and how it communicates with the rest of your body, you’ll be better prepared to understand the patterns of your thoughts. There are varying levels of skill associated with the evolution of consciousness, and awareness is a key step. 

Connecting with spirit means many things to many people, and we hold space for these differences in understanding of the unseen space between us. It’s easy to get cut off from the spiritual life, but we encourage everyone to connect regularly with the stream of positive energy that exists within the universe.  Highly sensitive people -- empaths -- are at the forefront of this understanding, highly attuned in all of the areas above.  

Show a willingness to make health changes. 

If you’d like to honor your intuitive side, we encourage you to start asking yourself, “Am I willing to do the work to get to where I want to be?” And apply that question to your health care, in particular. Are you willing to stop overeating, smoking, or drinking, or would you prefer to continue to live with aches and pains? 

We know that a lot of times the answer is “No” or “Not yet.” Life changes can be scary. But it is really something to make that conscious decision to just accept that you aren’t there yet, rather than never asking yourself the question. 

Taking control of your health is not for the faint of heart. It requires getting real, and getting honest about what is going on and how you may be contributing to (or at least putting up with) some of the results you don’t like to see in your body. Are you willing to do the work? Or is it time to let go? Sometimes the answer is no, or “I’m okay living this way.” Just being able to come to terms with that and be okay has value. There is less inner tension when you have acceptance.  

Take for example, something as simple as deciding to stop eating ice cream and seeing that you lose 5 pounds as a result. If you’ve been a chronic dieter, full of struggle, that can really take the pressure off of you. You see that you are in control of your life. 

Recognize that there is only so much your doctor can do.

Some excellent medical practitioners today are incorporating best practices from the world’s ancient traditions while also retaining the most effective tools of modern medicine and scientific understanding. They no longer position themselves as gurus of authority who expect your blind trust. 

It’s tough to come to terms with the idea that maybe your doctor doesn’t know everything. Yet if you think about it, there is only so much a doctor can do in an annual 15 minute appointment. You’re on your own for the other 525,585 minutes per year. 

Physicians are burning out in record numbers in the traditional health care space. They’re sick of telling patients what to do, then seeing that the patients either don’t take action or get the desired results. As a result, there is a  growing lack of trust in the space between doctors and patients. 

In fact, our entire medical system is broken. This is only part of it. Doctors can’t be the healers they could be otherwise if they were allowed to spend more time with patients and follow more holistic protocols. 

So when you notice something that seems off, don’t just throw up your hands and say, “I”m not a doctor, I don’t know.” Listen to your body. Take that pause. Answers will usually come to you.* 

Humanity survived thousands of years with only healers and all-natural solutions. You can find empowerment in healing yourself for minor concerns. 

*And yes, that answer could absolutely include booking an appointment with your medical provider as part of the solution.