Three Almeda Leaders on How They Tackle Stress Relief in Tough Times

Top insights from the “grace under pressure” files


There’s no doubt that navigating life’s stressors takes some finesse, even in “normal” times. We’re finding that actively engaging with our stressors helps and that stress relief can be a daily practice. 


Since so many people are asking us what we do to fend off stress, that we thought we’d share some of our favorite methods. 

Stacy: “Follow Your Intuition.”


“Stepping away from screens, spending time in nature, cooking and massage help me find stress relief. But I know it’s not always possible to make those choices. 

If I start to feel stress, when I’ve been attached to a cell phone or computer all day, when the air quality is not as good, or if I can’t get outside to get fresh air and sun, those are times I look for ways to take additional nutrients. 

Even if what I’m doing is fun, I can sense when my body has become stressed out. So, when I’m in different environments where fresh food is not available, I supplement. 

Supplementation that is more concentrated will heal the body faster at certain times. For me, a big part of my daily use is Encarna, because it’s made of all-natural ingredients from the United States where we can monitor the high quality of fresh fruits and vegetables going into it. Then I know at least I have the right nutrients in my body to support my good health.

Once you’ve experienced what it feels like to feel fantastic as a baseline, the body becomes calibrated in a way to recognize healthier choices. This decreases the temptation to make poor choices, naturally, because the body is in harmony.”



Kylie: “Detox when you need to bounce back"

 “I think it’s really important to help your body get the extra support it needs when it’s under stress. Stress relief comes in a lot of forms. You need balance in life, and you sometimes want to let go and enjoy yourself.  


Living in New York, stress is just a given. A lot of people I know are navigating how to take care of themselves. Periodic overindulging is one thing I see a lot. For those times when we’re particularly stressed or even just get a little carried away, you want to be able to filter and detox your organs. 


Especially if someone has a family member with a history of weight or liver issues, they’re going to want to filter out toxins. I know people who were able to recover faster and combat added stress when they detoxed with Encarna and Thrine


It’s okay to give your liver a little love.” 


Beyond that, when I'm stressed or feeling down, I focus on adding even more leafy greens and folate into my diet. Folate naturally boosts my mood and energy. So I try to get as much of each of those as I can. 




Corinne: “Seek introspection and empowerment. Be your own best friend.”

"I’ve learned first hand that stress can be your worst enemy, it's been a crazy and stressful time. I've been tired and cranky and my baseline stress is elevated. At times like these, my body doesn't know how to calm down, which creates inflammation and other issues.


This experience of living abroad offers introspection and, for me, a deep awareness and appreciation of what our bodies and minds can do. 


You do realize your own habits, and see that bad habits do take a toll on your health. The mental and physical are directly aligned. Stopping to get a sugary snack every day doesn’t bode well for mental clarity. 


I feel more empowered with health when I’m taking care of myself the way I need. 


When you’re stressed — like when I’ve experienced adrenal fatigue — that’s when it’s really important to do your yoga, carve out time in your day to really take care of yourself. 


Take superfoods! And think about how to make it fun. It doesn’t have to be boring! You can add Kasvi superfood and adaptogens to recipes, you can have them hot or cold. It's a fun treat for yourself. 


And take antioxidants. Experts across the board agree you should take antioxidants. The key is to take the right kinds that are easily absorbed.


Developing really healthy habits and making it enjoyable is really key. It feels really empowering to have that control over your own health and nutrition.”


What are your favorite methods to find stress relief? We’d love to hear from you. Contact us with your stories about what’s working for you.