Biohacking 101

Optimized cellular health feels GREAT. Let us explain.

Remember that quirky character Chris Traeger on the comedy show "Parks and Recreation"? Well, he's an extremely upbeat, energetic, and positive guy, played by Rob Lowe, who runs 10 miles at lunch for light exercise. His stated ambition is to become the first human being to live 150 years. 

As far as health and wellness goals go, we applaud this fictional character, Chris, for the energy and attention he puts toward his health. He’s sort of a “poster child” for biohackers everywhere. Pioneers in the field of biohacking promise that their solutions will allow you to run further and faster, work harder, and live a longer life. And they often do.

However, our hope is that rather than only pushing yourself to go further, faster, and harder, you’ll also find ways to biohack your ability to rest, relax, enjoy a deep, confident sense of wellbeing. Take a few slow, deep breaths in and out right now, and start to feel a few of those lovely health benefits. 

Biohackers are obsessed with pursuing an optimized life and superhuman performance through self-experimentation. But do you have to be a health fanatic or science nerd to benefit from biohacking? Or supplements?  

At Almeda, we think anyone can benefit from experimenting with what makes them feel good. And we want you to experience the joys of excellent cell health. 

Welcome to the lab of you.

While you may (or may not) wish to achieve such extreme feats as the fictional Chris Traeger or other famous real-life biohackers you may be familiar with, there is a lot to be said for experimenting on yourself. It’s really helpful to notice how you feel, in your body, and how you perform based on your body’s overall health -- down to that cellular level.  

Ask Yourself

Check in with yourself and your body -- throughout your days, your years, your life. How is what you are doing now working for you? Are there any gaps? How do you feel compared to the best, most healthy moments of your life? 


Unfortunately, it’s easy to slip into simply “okay” and then “not so okay” without really noticing the change… and then soon enough that becomes your new baseline feeling: meh. 


You know the feeling of “feeling bad,” when you’re simply dragging, unfocused, and cranky. 


Maybe you even lose interest in things because your body and mind are so connected. Perhaps you can even picture a visual of your cells feeling dehydrated, wrinkly, and sad. 


When the regular tricks aren’t working -- walks, meditation, a shower or bath -- it’s time to experiment like a biohacker would. 


Because your new baseline could be... feeling fabulous! 


When you feel really good, even great, you’re more alert and focused, mentally sharp, and clear. Your outlook becomes more positive, and this attitude extends to people around you. 


You find the good in small things. You’re totally pumped, hydrated, and ready to go. 

Amping up beyond basic health

Some of the world’s top biohackers are experimenting with a wide array of improvements to their bodies and minds, including: 
  • Brain health 
  • Mental health
  • The nervous system 
  • The digestive system / gut health 
  • The liver & pancreas
  • and much more.


Meditation is often touted as a good biohack for mental health. You can take an entire class on biohacking brain health at Coursera, and there’s also a functional music station dedicated to your brain development. Personally, we're huge fans of health scientist Kayla Osterhoff's BioCurious Podcast for holistic health practices to elevate and optimize your life. 

Biohacking doesn’t mean the experiment is something new (although it often is), only that it’s new to you. Basically, if you can alter anything in your environment or with yourself in the pursuit of feeling better, you’re biohacking.  

"The underlying philosophy is that we don’t need to accept our bodies’ shortcomings — we can engineer our way past them using a range of high- and low-tech solutions. And we don’t necessarily need to wait for a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial, traditional medicine’s gold standard. We can start to transform our lives right now." - Vox

Some recent articles have recommended that most people begin by biohacking to solve a few basic concerns, like: 

  • Sleep
  • Time in nature
  • Eating good food
  • Finding a sense of purpose
  • Connections to people and probably dogs
  • Your financial wellbeing. 


We support those time-tested approaches as well as your right to experiment with your own body. How will you know what works for you unless you try?  

Biohacking your way to bliss

Even without going to extremes, know that with the right health regimen, you can absolutely: 

  • Find mental clarity  
  • Stay hydrated 
  • Feel less draggy, more energetic. 
  • Wake up faster, earlier, not feeling like, "I can’t get out of bed." 
  • See clearer skin 
  • Enjoy great hair
  • Notice clearer eyes.
  • and more. 


We hear this feedback from members of the Almeda family all the time. They can see and feel these benefits of optimized cellular health. But that is only the start. We’ve seen truly amazing stories of transformation.


How do we do it? Well, you may want to check out our Science page to start. Our products originated with our founder’s wellness practice and her experiences seeing patients struggling with the effects of stress and lack of nutrition. 


We put our ideas to the test at the world’s best research labs. We know they are formulated correctly and designed to stand the test of time. We’re in this for you, for the long haul. We care about your sustainable, long-lasting good health. 


Today, we meet the needs of a wide range of people -- including biohackers looking to take their health to the next level, to transform their lives in a meaningful way.


You have to experiment a little (under your medical practitioner's good advice, of course) to know what will make your body absolutely buzz with good vibes. 


And who knows, maybe you’ll even beat Chris Traeger’s speed record on your next lunchtime 10-miler? 


You’ll never know unless you try!  


The bottom line is this. We hope you’ll never settle for feeling draggy, low, or even “meh,” when you can feel fabulous. Your cellular health is the key.