It’s not always easy to be healthy on the go! Kasvi is formulated with organic Plant based protein, raw, vegan, soy-free anti-oxidants, adaptogens and gluten-free ingredients with sea vegetables and probiotics.  By just adding water or your favorite milk, Kasvi easily becomes a meal replacement packed with vital nutrients, amino acids, and protein!

With Kasvi's plant-based blend, each serving packs 12 grams of sprouted brown rice and hemp protein.

Key Ingredients:

Brown Rice Protein - High in vitamin c, calcium and iron, sprouted brown rice has much less starch than regular rice. Due to added enzymes and fermentation, carbohydrates will separate from the protein in brown rice, allowing just the protein to be extracted. In addition, brown rice protein provides a great amino acid profile-containing all the essential amino acids.

Hemp protein - There are several amino acids that are required for growth and muscle development, and hemp protein has them all. Along with a 3:1 ratio of essential fatty acids (omega -3 and omega-6), hemp protein provides substantial doses of magnesium, iron, potassium and calcium.

Medicinal Mushrooms - Kasvi contains certified organic medicinal mushrooms including Reishi, Chaga, Lions Mane, and Fu Ling Poria. Many scientific studies have concluded that these adaptogen mushrooms have numerous antioxidant, antiviral, and antimicrobial benefits. Sometimes referred to as “magical”, these mushrooms also contain high levels of Vitamin D when exposed to sunlight.

Plants & Herbs - Turmeric root, maca root, Ashwagandha Root, Holy Basil, Camu Camu berry, and Dandelion Root are the other half of the adaptogen blend found in Kasvi. Not only do these plants help the body mitigate the stress response, they are also high in antioxidant properties that support the immune system in fighting disease.

Dark green vegetables - Dark greens are essential for reducing inflammation and balancing the body’s acid base.  Kasvi contains a blend of 8 super greens; Chlorella, Spirulina, Parsley Leaf, Holy basil, Moringa leaf, Nettles, Dandelion leaf, and E3Live AFA Algae. This combination of super greens provides an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients, and are a great source of fiber!

Sea vegetables - Sea vegetables are most commonly known for their bioavailable sources of minerals (namely iodine) that help produce the body’s thyroid hormones. Kasvi's blend of sea vegetables include Kelp (seaweed) and Dulse (red algae), both of which contain large amounts of essential trace minerals, as well as Vitamin K and potassium.

Healthy bacteria - Probiotics are “healthy bacteria” that line the digestive tract. This bacteria manufactures vitamins B12 and K, and produces essential enzymes that fight “bad” bacteria and aid in proper digestion. Kasvi’s blend of probiotics helps provide the foundation for proper nutrient extraction and absorption.

Bitter melon is a fruit found in areas of Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean. For centuries, it has been used to treat a wide variety of disease, from liver ailments to respiratory infections and inflammation. Most recently, studies have shown bitter melon’s capacity to lower blood sugar and suppress appetite. Due to these characteristics, bitter melon has been used in traditional medicines for type 2 diabetes.