Tactics for Staying Healthy when Traveling

A good way to avoid salty airport snacks and low-quality meals on travel? Bring along two jet-setting buddies… Encarna and Kasvi

We love whole foods cooked in our home kitchen. But we rely on nutrient-dense superfoods, adaptogens and vitamins to sustain us on the road. We’ve found so many great ways to integrate these products into our travel habits that we wanted to share some with you. 


Typically, we drink Encarna with 8 ounces of water first thing in the morning, and wait 20 minutes before consuming anything else. This supports our digestion, our hormones, and our immunity. 

We take an extra dose of Encarna when we know we've eaten out of balance or want to enhance our daily vitamin/mineral intake. Sometimes when we’re traveling, the available food. 

We drink Encarna when we’ve missed a mealtime due to packed schedules, long meetings, or other irregularities of travel. At these moments our energy may be flagging so we know we want to support our bodies with dense nutrients quickly.

We drink Encarna when we need a boost of energy -- if we’re feeling especially tired or jet lagged. 


Add Kasvi to your standard coffee or matcha latte in the morning (about 20 minutes after your Encarna shot and glass of water).

We also find it’s easy to add a spoon of Kasvi to purchased smoothies, yogurt, and oatmeal. We recommend looking for a local juice bar or organic provisions store where you’re traveling if possible -- it’s fun, informative and adds a little local flavor to the trip. So in Kansas City, we recommend the Unbakery & Juicery. In New York, try The Elk, Dimes Deli and Market, or Hi Noona.

As the days get cooler, we find everyone loves to add Kasvi to a hot cocoa in the afternoon with a little agave sweetener to taste. It counteracts the 3:00 pm slumps -- a pick-me-up for kids and adults alike. 

If you lean toward savory fare, Kasvi blends well in a cup of soup. We find miso soup with a dash of Kasvi to be grounding and delicious. 

Whenever possible, we also pre-make Kasvi snacks to have onhand in a pinch. We love to sprinkle it on a snack mix like our fennel & farrow cashews. At times, we also pre-make protein balls, overnight oats, and more -- knowing that when we prepare it ourselves, we can really know and trust the ingredients. 

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How about you? How do you use Encarna and Kasvi on the go?  What are your favorite local juice bars and organic eateries? 

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