Strengthen Your Immunity

"Ways to strengthen your immunity at the cellular level"

Your immune system--a complex network of cells, organs, and tissues--exists to protect you from microorganisms that cause disease. Specific antibodies and white blood cells help your body resist disease, infections, and toxins that are simply part of modern life. 

While nothing can guarantee you a “free pass” to avoid disease, it is well known that living a healthy lifestyle supports your natural defenses. Let’s look at how you can take steps to support your immune system at the cellular level and beyond. 

Create immunity at the cellular level

Healthy, vital cells respond and process toxins to keep you resilient. The methylation cycle (cellular energy production) is probably the most important of your metabolic pathways. You need the right amount of vital energy in your cells to support a healthier ecosystem and help you feel energized. Making sure you are nutritionally replete is the best way to support this process. 

Even the healthiest among us, unfortunately, are missing some key nutritional elements. Too much sugar and saturated fat can deplete your vitamin levels. Excess coffee and alcohol can also interfere with your body's methylation cycle. 

Taking supplements and multivitamins sourced from nutritionally dense foods can help replenish micronutrient deficiencies. You can influence how this biochemical process operates by improving your diet and supplement routine. 

Ways to support your immunity
Your immune system benefits from a holistic approach -- what we call the Almeda lifestyle. It's how we’ve stayed healthy for generations.

Adopt these actions that  contribute to healthy immune systems:

    • Eat nutritional foods. You need to eat a mix of foods -- such as dark leafy greens, beans, fruit, whole grains, egg yolks, meat, liver, and oily fish -- to strengthen the immune response. 
  • Move your body well. You can exercise to “work out,” or you can stretch, dance, and play. It all counts! Just keep moving. 
  • Sleep and rest. Develop good sleep hygiene (aim for 6-8 hours per night for adults) and habits that allow you to rest and recuperate. 
    • Maintain a healthy weight. You’ll feel better and find health benefits when you live a life in balance. 
    • Minimize stress. Practice self-care and self-love, so you can care for and love those around you even better. 
    • Cook meats thoroughly. Avoid transfer of bacteria by cooking meat well. 
    • Wash your hands. Using soap and water frequently and thoroughly sounds simple, but it’s important as we all now know. 
    • Meditate and practice mindfulness. Looking inward can have profound effects.
    • Seek professional treatment if or when you need care.

    Avoid these things that suppress or harm immunity:

    • Smoking. Smoking has long been proven to suppress immune function. 
    • Alcohol. Enjoy in moderation, if at all. 
    • Poor nutrition. Too much sugar, for example, has been found to cause unhelpful inflammation and suppress immune system function.
    • Sedentary lifestyles. Movement helps keep your blood pumping and your lymphatic system. 
    • Lack of adequate rest and recovery. It’s critical to take breaks so your body can rebuild.
    • Chronic stress. We all have stress, but when it is prolonged, it elevates cortisol levels and starts to take a toll. 

    Some of the broadest tips in the lists above (like “maintain a healthy weight,” “minimize stress,” and “avoid poor nutrition”) actually represent complex, multidimensional tasks. It can feel overwhelming when you think about where to begin. But there is hope. When you give your body what it needs nutritionally, taking steps towards overall wellness becomes much easier.  

    A diet rich in micronutrients can help keep you strong.  

    All of Almeda’s products have been developed to help your body strengthen itself. Antioxidants derived from superfoods and adaptogens help fight the free radicals that cause illness. Specific vitamins, minerals, and compounds have been included in our supplements to help keep you strong and resilient. 

    The following are some practical ways to use supplementation to boost your immunity. 

    • Reach for highly enriching multivitamins derived from food on a daily basis.  
    • Enrich your breakfast with superfoods.
    • Seek out adaptogens that are easily absorbed. 
    • Cook nutritionally dense recipes.
    • Add specific supplements to beverages to drink alongside meals.
    • Use nutritional powders as an afternoon pick-me-up
    • Make warm Reishi Brews from mushroom powder and deeply healing adaptogens.   
    • Take supplements when you travel or on days when nutrition takes a back seat. 
    • Boost your liver’s capacity if ever you get “a little too carried away.” 
    • Support your pancreas to lower blood sugar as it converts food into fuel for your body's cells.
    • Have a plan to supplement when your routines are disrupted so you can get back on track. 

    What are you doing to support your immunity? We’d love to hear from you. 

    Disclaimer: These are general guidelines, not medical recommendations. If you have any concerns or suspect you may have the flu or a virus, please consult your doctor.