Morning Rituals

Our Morning Routine


Looking to add something new to your morning routine? Ready to switch it up? 


We wanted to show you Kylie and Stacy’s basic routine while working from home this spring and summer. We’ve built our routines around the things that bring us joy and give us lasting and sustained energy throughout the day. 


Morning routines can be especially grounding in times of stress or uncertainty.. 


We’ve curated a morning ritual that helps us become more intuitive rather than reactionary. Rather than hitting the ground running, we like easing into the day with meditation. We rely on centering techniques that help us clarify and prioritize our tasks in order to meet our goals. There is always an intention to be proactive. 

Generally, we awaken and take Thrine and an Encarna shot with lots of water. We aim for about 150 to 160 ounces of water throughout the day, sipping often from a huge mason jar. While lots of people stay away from technology in the morning, we admit to taking a quick check on email and then working out first thing -- before we get too distracted or pulled in another direction. 

We generally favor at-home workouts such as yoga flow or yin yoga, visiting a pilates studio, or walking outdoors. A workout first thing in the morning helps us stay steady yet motivated throughout the day. The objective is to get things moving, rather than launching into anything high intensity. 

When possible, we like to go outside first thing to breathe the fresh air in mornings. Sometimes we’ll squeeze in an acupuncture treatment. 


“During this stress-filled era, you need to take time to reflect on what may be neglected and continue with your routine. Get dressed, make breakfast, take your vitamins, go outside, and give yourself and your health that extra TLC.” -- Stacy