A Guide to Great Sexual Health

We care for everybody.

Almeda’s products provide strong support for fertility and prenatal care, yet we don’t often talk about sex. Well, it’s high time we broach this important subject. Sexual health matters. And pleasure is an essential part of a healthy Almeda lifestyle. 

The matriarch of our family -- Almeda -- often taught us to pay attention to what is not being said. It’s an intuitive approach too often overlooked in today’s mindlessly chattering, hyper sexualized environment. In a media-saturated world obsessed with objectifying bodies for how they look, we’d like to invite discussion on what is not being discussed much -- the topic of caring for your body from the inside out. 

Taking care of our bodies releases mood-elevating hormones. Balanced hormone health brings enhanced personal pleasure. And sexual pleasure has robust health benefits of its own.

We welcome sexual pleasure’s health benefits.

From a biological perspective, there are many reasons to enjoy a healthy active sex life (beyond reproduction alone). 

Good sexual experiences: 

  • Reduce stress 
  • Facilitate better sleep 
  • Make us feel better -- physically and mentally.

Clearly, self-care includes sensuality. Sexual and reproductive health represent a big part of our lives. And, because healthy sex is good for stress levels, it feels aligned with Almēda. 

When we celebrate our sensuality, we begin to take better care of ourselves, more clearly communicate our needs to our sexual partner(s), and begin to develop healthier and happier relationships. 

Satisfying sex has many benefits for women’s health. 

Women’s sexual pleasure has often been de-emphasized throughout history, but a positive sex life is actually beneficial in many ways. 

Scientific studies are finding these specific benefits of sex for women: 

  • Orgasm boosts fertility
  • Pleasurable sex can help with PMS
  • Regular sexual activity helps regulate the menstrual cycle
  • A satisfying sex life is associated with many positive health outcomes

Better health means better sex, too.

Better health, whether physical or mental, leads to better sex. And when we care for ourselves in this way, we’re better situated to nourish our partners and give them what they need, too.  

  • B vitamins, which are good for so many reasons, can help alleviate stress.  

  • Magnesium is responsible for hundreds of enzymatic reactions and may also help relieve anxiety. 

  • Omega-3s affect mood and health overall. 

  • Probiotics pique arousal via mood shifts. 

  • Zinc supports healthy testosterone levels which exist in both men and women to some degree and impact our sex drive. 

So, what is healthy sexuality?

Healthy sexuality includes: 

  • honoring our bodies and our sexuality as a natural and essential part of life. 
  • comprehensive awareness of the topics of sex and sexuality.
  • open and informed conversations that take a non-judgemental, curious approach.
  • sexual behaviors, habits, and practices that respect human rights and do not negatively interfere with other parts of a person’s life.
  • informed consent.

Verbalization of this topic that has been avoided for centuries -- sex -- is part of healing and growth. Education is empowerment. 

Finally, if you find it’s easy to fall into repetitive patterns with sexual partners, remember that invited creativity can lead to better sex. Invitations lead to greater levels of comfort in erotic exploration between partners. 

The end game: Embracing a fully embodied life. 

Our goal is to help everyone we can feel more fully embodied, to feel vibrant and alive -- almost electric. This extends to our life in the bedroom (and beyond). 

Bringing awareness to the body helps us process whatever is there. Being present with our sensations and learning from them is, after all, a healing process.   

So, we hope you're having sex with your whole body and that you’re fully present for the experience. That you’re simultaneously engaging the mind and the spirit. 

It’s important that we have these conversations, and we’d love to hear from you. Send us your questions and concerns. Talk to your friends. And seek the help of trained professionals as needed.