Corporate Wellness Initiative

With our hands-on approach, we leverage our extensive experience and best care practices to help companies create programs that will maximize overall employee health, performance, and engagement while providing long term savings for your organization.

Our Corporate Care Program 

The health of a company is a direct reflection of the health of its leadership. However, years of research shows that physical, emotional, and relational health are all connected. For better or for worse, the same dynamics that play out between leaders repeat through the entire body of a company. That’s why we help develop innovative, dynamic and sustainable companies set for long-term growth by supporting the wholeness of each person; In both leadership and their teams. As a group of seasoned practitioners across the fields of mental health, executive coaching, holistic nursing and nutrition, our group provides customized care to help you and your team function at its very best and at every level; physically, psychologically, and organizationally.

Our Corporate Care Program supports your team through a combination of:

  • Individualized health protocols based on your unique constitution from eastern and western modalities of care
  • Assessment and support of personal strengths, weaknesses and growth areas
  • Addressing burnout with powerful and effective practices for stress management


Why Us?


  • Unique Value Proposition: We’re here to help you you reach your fullest creative potential by learning how to thrive. We look forward to partnering with you to help in bringing your best work forward and creating the impact in the world we know you are here to make.  Corporate wellness is a true value to the team and the company.
  • Affordable Access: We are perfect for small businesses and large businesses alike. If you are looking for a year round access  to all of our resources that will immediately bring wellness education and inexpensive program guides for every month of the year customized to match your company’s unique needs. 
  • Data Driven:  We understand that wellness initiatives are very important investments for your organization.  That investment is valued by providing reliable and statistically validated program analytics and assessment data. We incorporate an evidence-based healthcare approach to our methods and research . We’ll also share full report on participation rates, participant satisfaction, health assessment data, incentive reporting, health coach progress and more.
  • Proactive Approach: Our team of medical professional, nurses, nutritionists, nutrition scientists and our collaborators truly believe in a preventative type approach for healthcare.  We offer multiple screening options and flexible delivery models. This makes it easy and convenient for your employees to take that critical step towards understanding their health risks and methods to circumvent them.





Our corporate wellness initiative takes a pragmatic approach to healthcare. Our goal is to create wellness programs and initiatives within your organizations that can help prevent at-risk employees from becoming ill.  And also help chronically ill employees stabilize their conditions.


  • Resilience to change, stress, and anxiety that keep burnout at bay
  • Optimal physical and mental health, helping team members and leadership to perform at its very best.
  • Creative satisfaction by learning how to bring your whole and healthy self to work
  • Increased Productivity by reducing absenteeism , increased employee engagement and productivity, less unscheduled paid time off, fewer workers’ comp claims, increased employee satisfaction and morale.


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